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Change We Need, A Voice We Deserve 



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Walking for William


When: October 9th, 2021 12:00pm

Where: Meet at Sumner field for a map and door knockers and group members.


Please wear a plain orange or green shirt for visibility. We will provide a drawstring bag with a map and door knockers.


Do I have to knock on doors?
NO! Walk up the front door drop the door knocker on the door knob and walk away.


Will I be walking alone?
No! You will be with at least a group of three-four people.

Do I have to walk the whole way?
No! Feel free to park somewhere (legally) and then walk around the area.

Please don’t leave door knockers in mailbox. Only on doorknobs on screen doors or front door knobs

Town Issues 

  • Spend smart not frivolously. Fiscal responsibility and equity will lead to stability financially. 

  • Working with surrounding towns by discussing and adopting best practices to   regionalize services.  


  • Transparency in town hall, many residents don't feel like they are a part of the democratic process or that they can be a part of town government. We need open communication and clear public processes to increase transparency with residents.


  • Using existing programs to provide recreational space, activities and improved quality of life for seniors, and vets.


  • Increase our tangible resources by using existing state programs to supplement our public education.Increase our tangible resources by using existing state programs to supplement our public education.


  • Utilizing existing state programs, such as CPA we can improve the structures in our town as well as meet state codes and building standards, which are becoming increasingly green. Electronic and talk-to-text application processes will lead to the ability to reduce carbon footprint as well as create access for the residents who need it.



Voting initiatives focus on Black voters: ‘We know more than anyone that voting has consequences’

By Meghan E. Irons Globe Staff,Updated October 30, 2020, 6:15 p.m

Black men of Boston speak out against racism, trauma in Roxbury forum

By Lucas Phillips Globe Correspondent, Updated June 20,2020 7:08pm


A Vote for Watkins is a Vote for the 3D's of Leadership: Determination, Dedication & Desire. Determined to provide collaborative leadership; Dedicated to hard work for the families, and Desire to provide my strong voice to the issues that we face

Stay tuned for future events!

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